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Workshop on TB Management for Women

On the occasion of World TB Day 2017, an empowerment workshop was conducted for female participants who are part of tuberculosis (TB) research at Clinical Research site of B. J. Government Medical College-Johns Hopkins University on Friday 24th March 2017. A total of 32 women including those women who recently completed their TB treatment and household contacts of active TB patients attended the full day workshop. The main purpose of the workshop was to empower these participants with the knowledge on handling psychological stress related to TB, nutrition requirement, eating right and simple diet that is easily available to them, steps to be followed to resolve day-to-day problems and live positively and how they can prevent TB among paediatric household contacts. The workshop was conducted using various games and interactive sessions and didactic lectures. Participants were given opportunity to ask questions and share their experience of participating in TB research studies.

Savita Kanade, community coordinator at the research site warmly welcomed all the participants. Dr. Sona Deshmukh, TB and Diabetes research, Study Coordinator, while giving the overview of the workshop stated the purpose of the workshop and described different sessions (refer to the agenda attached) that was planned for the participants throughout the day. She also mentioned the importance and rational behind celebrating World TB Day. The theme of 2017 World TB Day “Unite to End TB: Leave no one behind” was explained to the participants.