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Women in STEMM India workshop 28-29th November 2016, New Delhi, India

Department of Biotechnology is having a successful collaboration with Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Government of Australia for the last 10 years. The overall objective of the collaboration is to develop and support collaborative research activities which draw upon strengths in India and Australia. The fund supports Indian and Australian scientists to collaborate in cutting edge areas of science and technology. It facilitates India’s and Australia’s access to the global S&T system. The Department also supports women scientists through various schemes.

Women in STEMM Workshop’ from 28-29th, November 2016 in New Delhi was organised by Department of Biotechnology and Department of Science & Technology in partnership with the Governments of Australia and the United Kingdom. The workshop was part of a trilateral collaboration that aims to create development, employment and advancement opportunities for women and girls in STEMM disciplines across education and research, industry and business sectors. The workshop brought together leaders in academia, research and industry to share experiences and best practice models. Discussions were held to have an action plan in support of knowledge transfer and translation of best practices across diverse settings and sectors. Identification of practical tools to enable measuring the impact of best practices on the recruitment, retention and advancement of girls and women in STEMM disciplines in education, research and industry sectors were also discussed. Around 50 scientists participated in the workshop. The inaugural session had the participation of Australian Commissioner, British High Commissioner, Secretary, DBT and Secretary, DST. On day 2, Dr. Kiran Majumdhar Shaw delivered a Plenary Talk.