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Welcome to the Department of Biotechnology’s blog

This blog and the Department of Biotechnology’s revamping of communication. This unofficial blog by officials of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India is the beginning of our new attempt to communicate, interact and learn from you. The blog is unofficial, simply because it’s a place for debate and discussions rather that for statements of policy and about what is going on at the DBT. Our activities and programmes and how they stand, properly belongs on our website (Department of Biotechnology). Going to this site, you will see that we are caught in a time-warp in content, technology and inactivity. This will change. This change will take place in two phases. First, we will start using the current pages on our website and update content. We will improve our communication right away through this blog, highlight what we are doing through twitter and get your responses through Facebook, twitter and these pages. This will give much-needed relief by opening channels for dialogue and conversations immediately. The second phase of change in our website to make navigation and content organized intuitively and sensibly. This will need a shakeup and will take longer. Your patience and feed back is needed. Have suggestions on what we should do? More important, do you have ideas on how to do things better on our website? Even more important do you want to be involved? No matter what, get back to us with your thoughts, using the ‘comments’ option. In responding to this post, please focus your comments on:

redesigning our web-pages and suggestions for blog topics.

(Comments are moderated, but only to discourage flaming, hate-speech and gratuitous personal attacks. A diversity of views are most welcome and there will be no censorship of opinion.)