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BIRAC: Biotech entrepreneurship ecosystem

DBT – A Glorious Journey

Dr Anil Suri interview

DBT 30 Years story – 9 min

71st Independence Day Celebrations

NIAB Video

Eureka with Shekhar

Nobel Dialogue Session 1

Nobel Dialogue Session 2

Diving in Sea for exploring Marine Life and Corals

Presentation of Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill 2016

Dr. Harsh Vardhan interview aired on Doordarshan

Bringing Foldscopes to India

Plenary Talk I –Dr. M.K. Bhan, Former Secretary, DBT

Special Talk by Dr. C.R. Bhatia, Former Secretary, DBT

Plenary Talk II – Prof. Ada E. Yonath, Nobel Laureate, Israel

Welcome address by Prof. K. VijayRaghavan,Secretary, DBT

Plenary Talk III – Prof. Maria Leptin,Heidelberg, Germany

Plenary Talk- Dr. Manju Sharma, Former Secretary, DBT

Special keynote address by Dr. Ramachandra Guha

A Genetic Perspective on Disease of our Immune System

Institute Day Lecture – Should Science Have a Social Function

Prof. N.R. Jagannathan, Head, NMR and MRI Facility, AIIMS

Recent Developments in Cancer Research:Dr. Harold Varmus,NII

Prof K Vijay Raghvan Lecture’s at NCCS Pune

DBT Info – Graphical Film

DBT Japan Film

Lecture by Professor C N R Rao at NIBMG, Kalyani

Prof K Vijay Raghvan Lecture’s at Gargi College Part-1

Prof K Vijay Raghvan Lecture’s at Gargi College Part-2

Prof K Vijay Raghvan Lecture’s at Gargi College Part-3

Prof K Vijay Raghvan Lecture English