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Call towards a Sustainable Earth (TaSE)
Towards a Sustainable Earth (TaSE)

Human-Environment Interactions and the Sustainable Development Goals
Announcement of Opportunity
Issued on: 14 June 2018
Intention to Submit deadline: 4pm BST (GMT/UTC +1) on 31 July 2018 [mandatory]
Full Proposal Deadline: 4pm BST (GMT/UTC +1) on Tuesday 14 August 2018

In September 2015 the UN General Assembly agreed a new agenda for sustainable development, setting out a series of Global Goals (or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs))1 to end poverty, hunger and inequality and increase well-being for all, whilst protecting the planet and maintaining the resources that support human life.

Towards a Sustainable Earth (TaSE) is a multinational initiative established by NERC, ESRC and The Rockefeller Foundation with the goal of placing environment-human interactions at the heart of achieving all the UN Global Goals.

This call is a collaboration between the following agencies: the Natural Environment, Economic and Social, and Arts and Humanities Research Councils of UK Research and Innovation; Japan Science and Technology Agency; National Natural Science Foundation China; Department of Biotechnology India; and The Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, Formas.

The funding partners in TaSE invite multilateral collaborative proposals to this first call under the TaSE initiative for 2-year rapid development grants of approximately £700k in total (100% of actual costs), to significantly improve our understanding of the complex interactions between people and the environment required to make progress in achieving the Global Goals. Taking into consideration the different interdependencies and synergies between the SDGs, projects should take a challenge led approach built on co-design and delivery across and between disciplines and stakeholders/end users.

Project teams must be international in composition and include funded researchers or participants (within remit and eligibility) from at least 3 of the countries represented by the funding partners. For details on the eligibility rules for each of the funding partners please see the relevant National Annexes with this call.

The available financial support varies between the funding partners and therefore a total budget for this call has not been set. For full details of each partners available funding please read the National Annexes.
Applications will be assessed using a single stage process consisting of expert Peer Review and an Assessment Panel, with awards starting from January 2019.

Deadline for applications is 4pm BST (GMT/UTC +1) on 31 July for the mandatory ‘Intention to Submit’, and 4pm BST (GMT/UTC +1) Tuesday 14 August 2018 for the full applications.

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