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The Biotech Product, Process Development and Commercialization Awards for the year 2017


About the award

To recognize the outstanding contributions of scientists / innovators / entrepreneurs/ Indian institutions & companies both in public as well as private sector for a new process, product development and commercialization of a technology or a product in the areas of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences. Up to five awards are given every year. Each award carries a cash amount of ` 2.00 lakh along with a citation and trophy. Five (5.00 lakh) would be given if the product is commercialized and has much higher impact of utilization in the country.

Eligibility of awardee

The awardee should be a citizen of India, an Indian institution or an Indian company actively involved in the development of biotechnology processes and products and commercialization of technologies or product based on indigenous research. For the year 2017, out of 13 nominations received, following two Awardees were selected for the Award of ` 2.00 lakh each.


The scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, Indian institutions & companies engaged in the area of biotechnology and biological sciences including agriculture, biomedical and environmental sciences can be nominated for the award.


Selection of the award is on the basis of recommendations of a Selection Committee constituted specifically for the purpose by the Department of Biotechnology.

Awardees of 2017

Dr. Soma Guhathakurta (Director, Bioengineering SYNKROMAX Biotech Pvt Ltd., Chennai & Adjunct Professor IIT Madras) selected in recognition of her work on development of SynkroScaff A tissue Engineered Pericardial Patch for clinical use.

Dr. Phani Kumar Pullela (Professor, CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore) is selected for the award in recognition of his work on development of matrix based Universal nucleic acid extraction system.