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The Best of Science to Goa brought through Nobel Prize Series India 2018

The second Nobel Prize Series organized by the Department of Biotechnology in partnership with the Nobel Foundation and the Government of Goa started in Goa on February 1st. Through interactive dialogues held at the Kala Academy, the Adil Shah Palace, the National Oceans Institute and the Ravindra Bhavan, Nobel Laureates in various fields of science will engage with students, researchers, teachers and industry in a vibrant dialogue on science and innovation.

The series also features two month-long science exhibitions at the Kala Academy in Goa that offer an engaging and interactive way for students to explore science. In the exhibition “The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World” the history of the 20th century can be viewed through the history of the Nobel Prize, how discoveries, conflicts and other important events have influenced the way we live and how a number of brave and imaginative Nobel Laureates changed the course of history at a number of decisive moments. The second exhibition: Ek Pradarshini, 2018 showcases some of the best scientists India has produced. These scientists are eclectic mixes, who have showcased their talent in fields ranging from biology to nuclear science and by highlighting their stories; the exhibition brings to life role models from within the country that can inspire students to achieve their best. Ek Pradarshini, 2018 will be exhibited in Kala Academy, Goa as well as in the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Continuing in its efforts to make science more inclusive, the DBT has brought together nearly 300 teachers and students from government schools from all parts of India including from the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodalya and Atal Tinkering labs to attend the Nobel Prize Series, India 2018. The enthusiastic participantion from teachers and students representing almost all states in India reveals the eagerness for science-based learning and education in the country.
DBT Secretary K VijayRaghavan stated: “Our hope is that interacting with the Nobel Laureates and learning from the science exhibition will inspire students. This will also connect their innate curiosity with the scientific method of inquiry and experimentation, so that India can become a fertile ground for breakthrough-scientific research. We hope to embolden students and teachers to apply themselves to help science become an instrument of change.”
Shri Manohar Parrikar, Goa Chief Minister said “We are proud to be hosting this year’s edition of the Noble Prize Series, India 2018, which provides great impetus to our existing focus on promoting science education and research in Goa. The science institutions in Goa have been dedicated to serious research and our institutions are doing leading work in Marine Biology, which is increasingly important to protect ocean systems and coastal front. We hope that by bringing the best of science to Goa, this state emerges as a model for education research and development to meet the modern day challenges for all of India.
“We are very pleased to be back in India for a new Nobel Prize Series. Last year the interest to participate and learn from Nobel Laureates was enormous, both from broader society, media and particularly from students. We expect and hope to experience the same fantastic response this year”, says Mattias Fyrenius, CEO of Nobel Media.