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Technologies developed under DBT supported Biodesign Programme licensed to companies

Two technologies developed under DBT supported Biodesign Programme implemented jointly at All India Institute of Medical Sciences & IIT Delhi have been licensed to startup companies.

One of them is a switchable Doppler stethoscope that can amplify & easily monitor fetal heartbeat. The other is an advance wound care dressing that can effectively heal difficult wounds that extend beyond the dermal layer by increasing oxygen supply and reducing pressure on the wound (technically called, applying negative pressure).

Secretary DBT, Prof K. VijayRaghavan congratulated all the innovators and the companies and appreciated the involvement of international collaboration in the endeavor underlining its role in building excellence.

A Novel Switchable Doppler Stethoscope
This technology transferred to Brun Health Private Limited from Telangana, has been developed by SIB Fellows (2013) Balaji Teegala, Dr. Prashant Jha, Abhinav Ramani and Anirudh Chaturvedi, a team with multidisciplinary skill set to address a simple need of fetal auscultation. It acts both as a standard annular Y-shaped stethoscope and as a Doppler stethoscope. The uniqueness and novelty in the design is established by just one simple approach – re-imagining the use case without distorting the comfort of an iconic piece of medical equipment.

The technology uses micro sensors to amplify fetal heart beat and makes it convenient for the cardiologist to check it with minimum pressure on the womb and easily detect discrepancies in it.

The resulting device called Brünacousta aims to address a $1 billion fetal monitoring market globally. This is an innovative product, which will significantly improve the quality of care worldwide while being a symbol of unique identity for Obstetricians. The technology for brünacousta is being licensed by BCIL to the start-up company founded by the inventors and led by Balaji Teegala for further development and commercialization.

Advance wound care dressing
The advance wound care dressing transferred to Inochi Care Private Limited has been developed by SIB Fellows (2016 batch) Neelarnab Dutta, Shivani Gupta, Roshan Gurung and Taihei Fujii, bringing together multidisciplinary skill set to develop a technology that would be beneficial for millions of people suffering from different kind of wounds worldwide.

The novel dressing is a versatile, dual therapy dressing, which enables accelerated healing of medically complex hard to heal wounds. It utilizes more than one proven therapeutic means, configured to enhance wider range of bio mechanism favourable for wound healing. The approach is to provide advance wound-healing modalities using single dressing to attain enhanced clinical benefits for faster healing of complex wounds.

By combining the oxygenation and negative pressure, the technology helps increase mycropages as well as capillary blood flow at the wound site and helps it to heal better.

This easy to use dressing can be used for wounds of various shape and size at different anatomical locations in single therapy as well as for dual therapy mode. It is a technology that is easy to use by any paramedic, does not need any high level of skill, low-cost and can be applied sooner as it combines two treatments into one.

This “Dual Therapy Dressing” aims to address a $14.9 billion wound care market worldwide. This innovative product will significantly reduce the disease burden of more than 20 million people suffering from non-healing wounds in India. The technology is being licensed by BCIL to the start-up company founded by the inventors for further development and commercialization.