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Technologies developed and transferred under Stanford-India Biodesign programme

1. Device for collecting faecal discharge in incontinent patients

  • Helps containment or management of faecal output;
  • Comprises of a collector for faecal discharge which is a self-expanding resilient collection component, a housing sheath and a transit component;
  • License Agreement has been signed for transfer of the technology to the Start-up company “Consure Medical Pvt. Ltd” formed by the inventors of this technology;


2. A medical device for limb immobilisation

  • Immobilises and supports the injured parts of the body, especially the extremities;
  • Useful at pre-hospital/ pre-treatment stage;
  • Generally flexible, cradles the injured body part providing it stability;
  • Secures the body part such that no further damage is caused to the injured/fractured portion until treated by a clinician;
  • License Agreement has already been signed for transfer of the technology to HLL Lifecare Limited, Thiruvananthapuram.


3. Device for neonatal resuscitation

  • Helps administer artificial respiration to a new born baby;
  • Easy to use and effective in resuscitation when the baby is not able to breathe or has stopped breathing;
  • License Agreement has been signed to transfer the technology to Windmill Health Technologies Pvt Ltd, a start-up company formed by two of the SIB Fellows from batch-2011.


4. Patient Transfer Sheet

  • Useful for transferring a patient between transfer surfaces;
  • Device is lightweight, easy to operate in the field with easy transfer of a patient, even during emergency procedures, requires less manpower, and is easy to store, and cost effective;
  • Patient friendly, can be laid under the patient for a substantially long time, so that the device need not be positioned under patient each time a transfer is required;
  • Updated prototype after incorporating the user feedback is being transferred to M/s MGM Associates for which an Agreement has already been signed with the company.


5. Auditory Impairment Screening Device

  • A novel hearing screening device to screen newborns in resource-poor settings;
  • Licensed on August 1, 2013 to Sohum Innovation Labs Pvt.Ltd, Bhopal


6. Soft Tissue Biopsy device and Device for concurrent Biopsy and Hemostasis

  • A safer and easier way to perform percutaneous aspiration liver biopsy, in order to reduce variation in tissue sample;
  • Licensed to Indio Labs Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore on September 5, 2013


7. Paracentesis device and Assistive Device for NG Tube Deployment

These technologies have been licensed to M/s Mecmaan Healthcare Private Limited, Bhahadurgarh on December 7, 2013.


Paracentesis device
  • A kit comprising of collection unit, transfer line, storage unit
  • Simplifies the process.
  • Makes paracentesis easy, safe and effective.
  • Stage of early prototyping and bench top testing
  • Patent Pending: 3839/DEL/2012


Assistive Device for NG Tube Deployment
  • An accurate way to insert an NG tube to provide internal nutrition to patient with neurological dysphagia.