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Technologies developed and transferred under Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), IIT, Madras

1. Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU ™)

  • A self contained, safe and sterile mobile surgical facility that performs cataract surgeries on site
  • This first-of-its-kind technology and delivery model in the country consists of several engineering innovations to meet safety and sterility requirements in rural settings.
  • Following the successful pilot of 486 surgeries that demonstrated clinical feasibility and viability, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has given permission for its extended operation
  • Independent assessment report by the Ministry analysed the cost effectiveness and efficiency of MESU and found it to be ready for scaling up


2. Eye-PAC

  • Computing technology for extracting information from eye images
  • Can help address the problem of wider accessibility to eye care
  • Can be deployed to create screening and diagnostic solutions for a range of vision-threatening diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration
  • HTIC collaborated with Forus Health to develop a custom image computing solution for 3nethra based on HTIC’s Eye-PAC™ technology (eye image processing, analytics and computing platform).
  • Powered by HTIC’s Eye-PAC™ technology, 3nethra has now reached over 140 installations across 10 countries– India, China, France, Thailand, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Oman, Mauritius, and Somalia
  • Eye-PAC™ technology’s intelligence in extracting clinically important information enables screening for eye diseases even when an expert is not available
  • Those who are tested positive during screening can later be sent to an expert for referral and diagnosis.