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Supercomputing Facility (SCFBio, IIT Delhi)
Supercomputing Facility (SCFBio, IIT Delhi)

A high end data centre with multi-tera facility has been established at IIT, Delhi.

This facility is accessed by student and scientists all over the country.

With the vision to develop personalised medicine using Gene-to-Drug pathway in an automated mode, particularly to cut the cost, time and effort involved in drug discovery and also to decipher the molecular level principles in the process, IIT, Delhi has under taken the endeavour to develop softwares to design lead molecule which can be improved in combination with experiments to yield personalised medicine.

The efforts have resulted in a whole genome analysis methodology and software based on DNA energetics (ChemGenome), all atom energy based computational protocol for protein tertiary structure prediction (Bhageerath and Bhageerath-H) and a binding free energy based methodology for protein/DNA targeted lead molecule design (Sanjeevini). Lead invent incubated at IIT Delhi from 2006 to 2009 and Novoinformatics under incubation at IIT Delhi since April 2011 are two start-up companies created by the students and staff of SCFBio based on the Gene-to-Drug innovations at SCFBio, IIT Delhi.