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iGEM’s Giant Jamboree Largest Synthetic Biology Event

Team iGEM IIT Delhi has been the flag bearer for synthetic biology in India for the past three years. In last two years, we could secure bronze medal in the competition.Founder iGEM Randy Rattenberg

The Giant Jamboree is a sight to behold. It was held at the Hynes convention center, Boston, at a walking distance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus, along Charles River, the location could not have been any better.

We interacted with various students across all divisions undergraduates, post graduates, as well as high school students. It was amazing to see the variety in the kind of research that various teams had done, and the innovation that had been used. These interactions also gave a critical insight to improvements and showed us new dimensions about our own project.
Apart from this, we also got chance to interact with some of the biggest names in the field of Synthetic biology, such as Prof. Roland Eils, Tom Knight and several others. This to us was one of the best aspects of the entire conference, as researchers came along with their teams, and were very open to the questions and introduced us to the state of the art engineering tools and principles used in synthetic biology.
iGEM IIT 2015 team
There were also various talks and lectures throughout the conference and the lectures were very informative. Different Government agencies like Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also participated to educate the young aspirants about the importance of ethics and safe practices in synthetic biology.

Presentations by all the teams were extremely informative. In our presentation, the judges pointed out critical drawbacks in our system, which helped to make our system more robust, efficient and increased its commercial value.

To sum up, the Giant Jamboree is the perfect culmination of all the hard work done by the teams throughout the year, and is a complete, one of a kind event, which every aspiring synthetic biologist must definitely attend or be a part of at least once in their life.