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Stanford-India Biodesign (SIB) Programme
  • Six batches trained at Stanford University in biodesign process from 2008 onwards;
  • About 50 innovators have been trained so far in biodesign process;
  • Established collaborations with a number of industries for prototype development, refinement and validation, etc.,
  • Four start-ups companies i.e. “Consure Medical Pvt. Ltd”, Wind Mill Pvt. Ltd, Sohum Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd and Indo Labs Pvt. Ltd have been established by the fellows of this programme;
  • One technology namely Limb Immobilisation Device – ‘HiCARE LIMO’ has been launched on 29th July, 2013 by HLL Lifecare Ltd. Thiruvananthapuram
  • More than 35 patents and 11 trademark applications have been filed so far and several technologies have been developed. Some of them have been transferred to the industries for further refinement and commercialisation;
  • Seven Annual Med-Tech Summits organised with national and international experts to provide platform for close interaction among industry and innovators.