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Sohum – Newborn Hearing Screening Device Product Launch
Sohum- NewbornHearingDeviceslider

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Product launch of “Sohum newborn hearing screening device” developed by SIB startup M/s Sohum Innovation Labs India Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal is scheduled to be held on July 17th, 2017 by the Honorable Minister of State for Science and Technology & Earth Sciences, Shri Y.S. Chowdary, at Prithvi Bhavan in the presence of Prof. K. VijayRaghavan, Secretary DBT and other dignitaries.Sohum hearing screening

This innovative medical device has been developed under Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology; Government of India supported School of International Biodesign (SIB) Programme. Sohum is a low cost, innovative and Made in India device, which uses brainstem auditory evoked response, the gold standard in auditory testing to check for hearing response in a newborn.Instant results- Pass, Refer, Verify

Globally, 800000 hearing impaired babies are born annually, of which, nearly 100000 are born in India. And all this preventable damage needs is early screening, which can facilitate timely treatment and rehabilitation. Sohum has made the technology appropriate for the resource constrained settings and aims to cater to nearly 26 million babies born every year in India.

DBT along with its partners AIIMS, IIT Delhi and BCIL are pleased to announce the product launch of Sohum as its fourth product coming