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Rotavirus Vaccine- 116E (ROTAVAC®) The vaccine was developed through a unique social innovation partnership that brought together the experience and expertise of Indian and international researchers as well as the public and private sectors. Institutes: AIIMS (New Delhi), CDC, Stanford & NIH. Industrial Partner: Bharat Biotech India Limited (BBIL) Clinical Trials: Society for Applied Studies (SAS), Delhi (ii) Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore and (iii) KEM Hospital, Pune.

Co-funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT) & Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)

The vaccine successfully completed Phase III clinical trials at three sites. Data from the trial, showed ROTAVAC® to have an excellent safety and efficacy profile. The clinical study demonstrates for the first time that the India-developed rotavirus vaccine is efficacious in preventing severe rotavirus diarrhea affecting in low-resource settings in India.

The vaccine is manufactured in India by M/s Bharat Biotech International Limited, Hyderabad under cGMP conditions. Bharat Biotech announced a price of US$ 1.00/dose (or approximately INR 54/dose) and will soon file application for registration of the vaccine in India.

Malaria Vaccine JAIVAC-1 for P. falciparum & PvDBPII for P. vivax International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (ICGEB), N. Delhi.


JAIVAC-1 vaccine for P. falciparum have been developed and transferred to Bharat Biotech India Ltd (BBIL), Hyderabad. Phase I clinical trials completed. Novel Compositions for the Treatment and Prevention of Malaria” Inventors: Deepak Gaur, Virander Singh Chauhan and Chetan E. Chtinis. Provisional patent application (filed January 20, 2012)
Dengue Vaccine Two candidates: EDIII-HBsAg TV & DENV-2 ENV based VLPs Dengue vaccine candidate being developed at ICGEB, N.Delhi. Efforts on the possibility of developing safe, efficacious and inexpensive tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate are underway.

Two promising vaccine candidates: EDIII-HBsAg TV and DENV-2 ENV based VLPs are under development at ICGEB, New Delhi.

A provisional patent application has been filed (Indian patent application no: 1820/DEL/2010)

Tuberculosis Vaccine Collaborative efforts are underway between University of Delhi South Campus (UDSC) & Vaccine and Infectious Disease Research Center (VIDRC) of Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI): an autonomous institution of DBT, for the development of recombinant BCG. Several candidates for tuberculosis have been developed at DUSC with promising results in animal models, (rBCG85c) is being developed as an effective vaccine for tuberculosis.