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Significant Achievements
  • Embryo transfer technology (ETT) for the production of elite animal was successfully standardised in cattle, buffalo, goat, equine, camel, mithun and yak. The department established three main and 14 regional ET labs in different part of the country. ETT demonstration activities were undertaken at the farmers level and a number of cattle and buffalo calves were produced.
  • Open nucleus breeding system for enhancing productivity of crossbred Sahiwal cattle was implemented successfully at NDDB. During the project tenure more than 300 superior male crossbred Sahiwal calves were produced which were used in National Artificial Insemination programme.
  • The technology for the production of transgenic animal model (mice) was standardized through a multi-centric programme initiated by the department. A large number of mice models were developed which has significance in biomedical research.
  • A novel technique for in vivo testicular electroporation of a gene, to generate transgenic animals, was successfully developed.
  • The fecundity of local sheep breeds of Kashmir and Deccani sheep was enhanced by introgression of fecundity (Fec-B) gene. The reproductive performance of sheep with introgressed Fec-B gene was found to have more litter size.
  • The department supported biotechnology oriented components of Leather Technology Mission Programme (like carcass utilisation, animal care and cleaner technologies) implemented by CLRI Chennai. A total 24 carcass utilisation plants were established.
  • Biotechnological options were utilised for enhancing nutritive value and utilisation of agro- industrial byproducts and other forages for improving rumen fermentation.
  • A bioreactor of 1,200 liter capacity was developed for large scale bioconversion of lignocellulose residue to animal feed using a white rot fungus, Phenerochaete chrysosporium.