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Significant achievements
Adult stem cells
  • Technology developed for: Collection, isolation and purification of Haematopoietic stem cells for haploidentical haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; Use of limbal stem cells to repair corneal surface disorders caused by limbal stem cell deficiencies; and Stem cell preservation using banana lectins.
Embryonic stem cells


  • Embryonic stem cell lines have been generated from discarded grade III blastocysts at JNCASR, Bangalore, NIRRH, Mumbai and MAHE, Bangalore.
  • Two cell lines have been deposited in the UK stem cell bank by JNCSAR, Bangalore. These cell lines are being used by the national and international scientists for research purposes.
Pre-clinical studies
  • A number of animal models for various human diseases have been developed at SGPGIMS, Lucknow; AIIMS, New Delhi; CMC, Vellore; NCCS, Pune; AHF, Hyderabad, etc.
Clinical Research
  • Various pilot, phase I/II multi-centric, multi-investigators clinical trials have been conducted using autologous adult stem cells to determine the safety and efficacy of these cells.
  • Under the initiatives multi-centric phase I/II clinical studies for acute myocardial infarction and acute ischemic stroke conducted at various hospitals in the country. Now these have been completed successfully and manuscripts have been submitted for publication.
  • Similarly, in the multi-centric, multi-investigators clinical trials using peripheral blood stem cells for critical limb ischemia, the recruitment of patients and their follow up have been completed. Analysis of data is under process.
  •  A pilot clinical study has been initiated on treatment of large segmental bone defects on children using scaffold.
Human Resource Development
  • A number of students and young researchers have been trained at training centre supported jointly by JNCASR and NCBS, Bangalore to provide training for both embryonic and adult stem cells.
  • Under the scheme for area specific DBT-CREST Award, the young researchers have been selected for overseas training on various aspects of stem cells and regenerative medicine.
  • Several Indian scientists/clinical researchers have been trained in reputed international laboratories and now they have joined back to carry out research in this area at various institutions in the country.


  • img2Clean room  facilities established in medical schools such as SGPGIMS, Lucknow; PGIMER, Chandigarh; KEMHospital, Mumbai and LVPEI, Hyderabad;
Institutional Development

img3CMC-DBT Centre for Stem Cell Research has been established at CMC, Vellore as a translational unit of in Stem, Bangalore for conducting translational stem cell research.

Regulatory Framework – Guidelines for stem cell research