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Dr Steven Buchsbaum, Deputy Director, Discovery & Translational Sciences, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shares his five years experience of collaborating with DBT & BIRACRead More..

Mathematics is the language with which we can understand the working of the universe, and its underlying philosophy and Dr Sujatha Ramdorai works on oneRead More..

By Gagandeep Kang, The World Health Organization estimates that vaccines save an average of 2.5 million lives every year. With the increasing use of vaccines,Read More..

“Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached” This was the call of Swami Vivekananda, whose birthday in January 12 we celebrate asRead More..

By Kaneenika Sinha, IISER Pune Much of the current discourse in science revolves around the two (seemingly disparate) notions of “pure” and “applicable” sciences. ThisRead More..

Talking Science to Kids – Dr. Uthra Dorairajan “Tell us in small chunks, with questions for us to ponder. Give us time and listen toRead More..

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