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Research Resources, Service Facilities and Platforms

Research Resources, Service Facilities and Platforms provide support to a broad range of multidisciplinary, shared research resources critical for advancing various areas of life sciences and biotechnology.

The grant support enables research institutions or universities to establish state-of-the-art instruments or to set-up central laboratories, research service facilities like, animal house, generating scientific knowledge through basic and advanced R&D; validate and disseminate research outcomes like GM plants, vaccines, diagnostics and maintain genetic stocks, repositories, platforms for advanced research in specified national priority areas.

The support aims for advancement of scientific knowledge and development of quality and skilled manpower and ultimately the development of cutting edge and sophisticated translational technologies for commercialization through development of necessary scientific infrastructure.

The principle of establishing such biotech facilities within or outside the university or institution as shared research facilities are cost-effective and stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration. Furthermore, the facilities created with large investment are also encouraged to provide services to the scientific community and develop skilled manpower through practical training.

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