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BiotechPark  (1)Biotechnology has the potential to provide environment friendly products and processes in almost all areas of economy. The biotech industry included either service driven companies, or product driven companies. In India, biotechnology has created lot of employment especially in agriculture and allied sectors. India has initiated steps, to promote biotechnology industry by taking initiatives aimed at providing facilities for accelerated commercial development of Biotechnology. Some of the states have also announced specific biotech policies and have floated life sciences specific venture fund.

One of the means by which it was proposed to be achieved was through setting up the biotechnology parks, where facilities for technology incubation, technology demonstration and pilot plant studies are provided.

Biotechnology parks are established to facilitate product advancement and innovation through the development of biotechnology industrial cluster and to produce biotechnologists and entrepreneurs who have strong foundation in research and innovation.

With large number of multinational and bio-pharma companies initiating their R&D and manufacturing operations in India, the demand of biotech incubators has increased.

Both Central and State Governments are making their earnest efforts to promote biotechnology activities in the country by setting up biotechnology parks, incubators as well as pilot projects through public private partnership. DBT has supported the following biotechnology parks and incubation centres located in different states for the promotion of Biotech start-up companies and the promotion of Public Private Partnerships.

Following Biotech Park and Incubation Centres have been established and are fully operational:

  • Lucknow Biotechnology Park, Uttar Pradesh
  • Biotechnology Incubation Centre, Genome Valley, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility (BTCIF) at TIDCO Centre for Life Sciences (TICEL), Chennai
  • The Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women, Siruseri, Kanchipuram District, Tamilnadu
  • Guwahati Technology Incubation Centre (GBPIC) at Biotech Park, Assam
  • Bangalore Biotech Park, Karnataka
  • KRIBS BioNest, Kochi, Kerala (previously called KINFRA Biotech Park)

(i) Lucknow Biotechnology Park, Uttar Pradesh

The Biotechnology Park, Lucknow, has been set up jointly by the Department of Biotechnology Govt. of India & Department of Science and Technology, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The Park is located in the City of ‘Nawabs’ and ‘Culture’ now transformed to a Biotechnology City, decorates Lucknow with a futuristic state of the art facility for biotechnology led enterprises.

  • It is the only functional Biotechnology Park in North India, serving the State of Uttar Pradesh to bring biotechnology as the way of cultivating crops, living a healthy life and enriching the skills for boosting biotech industry.
  • The park has changed the paradigm of transferring biotechnology advancements from laboratory to field and made humble contribution in initiating biotechnology related policy changes in the state.
  • The Biotech Park is registered under the Indian Society Act 21 (1868) and ably run under the guidance of the Society, Governing Board, Advisory-cum-Managing Committee and other duly constituted committees. The project was sanctioned in 2003 for a period of 3 years with DBT contribution of Rs.12.06 Crores. The Park has Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) recognition and is registered under National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), New Delhi that accords approval for exemption of Service Tax to Park and its incubatees. The Incubator – I & II of Biotech Park are ISO 14001:2015 certified and offer state of the art facilities to startups for incubation and development of innovation led, high growth and knowledge based bio-business and infrastructure facilities for setting biotech industries.
  • There are 18 common facilities and 27 instrumentation facilities. 27 incubatees graduated and 11 are presently housed from Bio-Pharma, Agri-biotech and health area (diagnostics, herbal cosmetics & nutraceutical).
  • The Biotech Park facilities include NABL and AYUSH accredited analytical & quality assurance laboratory, molecular & microbiology laboratories; NCS-TCP certified plant tissue culture unit, biopesticides & biofertilizers units and GLP compliant solvent extraction pilot plant with downstream process facility.
  • The park has attracted investment of more than Rs. 30 crores through its 36 incubatee companies and is a showcase of innovation industries and a model of active collaboration between industries, research institutes and academia.

(ii) Biotechnology Incubation Centre, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
The Park has been established by CSIR-IICT and Govt. of AP (now Govt. of Telangana) with support from DBT. A Biotech Incubation Centre has been set up at ALEXANDRIA KNOWLEDGE Park, Genome Valley, Hyderabad. The project was sanctioned in March, 2004 for a period of 3 years with DBT contribution of Rs.17.29 Crores. After sanctioning the project, the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GOAP) constituted a Core Committee of Biotechnology Incubation Centre (BTIC) which recommended a high level Programme Management Committee (PMC) and a Technical Advisory and Resource Group (TARG) to decide the organization management structure and operational arrangements to monitor and guide the progress of BTIC implementation. The Society for Biotechnology Incubation Centre (SBTIC) was registered in 2005. Park started operations from 2009.

  • World class facilities have been created for use by entrepreneurs on use and pay basis. There are 12 labs of 350 sq. ft each which is given out to companies. Business centre approach is being used in this Park and 9 companies are operating, 74 scientists are working there.
  • DBT has provided support for current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) compliance for Pilot plant facilities, required for quality manufacturing and for minimizing contamination. The biotechnology incubator facility would have research laboratories, knowledge based service centres and utility generation facilities. It is mainly designed for development and scale up of bio processes and technologies. A pre-BTIC Process Generator (PBPG) component of BTIC was set up at IICT, Hyderabad to act as a front end facility to provide lab and bench scale process technologies for biotech processes.
  • The incubator has 14 pilot plants and 8 analytical facilities and 9 common facilities. 6 incubatees were graduated out of 11. One of the incubates (Tergene Biotech) established proof of concept of Pneumococcal vaccine and awarded Best Innovator from BIRAC.
  • An Advanced Analytical and Characterization Resource (AACR) facility has been established in July 2016.

(iii) The Golden Jubilee Biotech Park for Women, Siruseri, Chennai
The Park was established by Govt. of Tamilnadu at Siruseri, Kanchipuram District with support from DBT and is fully functional since 2001. It was registered as a Society under the Tamil Nadu Society’s Registration Act 1975. It is a joint project of the Government of Tamil Nadu and DBT. An amount of Rs. 400 lakhs has been provided by the Department of Biotechnology.

  • The Park has a Lab facility for providing Quality testing and Training programs for providing hands-on experience and to generate revenue streams for the Park. It is an entrepreneurial facility for women Scientists aided with managerial skills and capable of making small-scale investment, to independently take up the functioning of the lab.
  • At present the park is fully occupied. 80% comprises of 1st generation entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are women. In all there are 150 workers which includes 50-60% of women both skilled/unskilled.The total annual turnover is Rs. 5 Cr.
  • The production units that have been set up are for herbal cosmetics, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, spice fortified with herbs, and essential oil, ready to eat snacks etc.

(iv) Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility (BTCIF) at TIDCO Centre for Life Sciences (TICEL), Chennai

The Tamil Nadu Government, Tamil Nadu established TICEL – I and II in 8 Lakh sq.ft., a state-of-the- art Wet Lab Infrastructure in 5 acres in Chennai. TICEL offers Lab Modules conforming to BSL-II, to various companies on 3 years/ 10 years term for R&D / CRD activities. The lab infrastructure being offered by TICEL includes A/C, Compressed Air, Vacuum, RO Water, Power Back-up, ETP / STP, etc. TICEL has offered Lab Space to more than 30 International / National companies.

  • TICEL has established BTCIF, jointly with Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, in 21,000 sq.ft. at First Floor of TICEL – II for providing Analytical, Technical and Scientific Support with High-end equipment towards performing Research / Analysis by Industries/ Entrepreneurs for commercialization. DBT has sanctioned Rs.10.93 Crores towards the procurement of equipment.
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  • BTCIF layout contains facility with ISO 7 clean rooms for Purification, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture and all labs conforming to ISO 8. Clean rooms are equipped with dynamic pass boxes for sterile material transfer. The labs are designed for uniflow direction separation of clean and dirty corridors suitable for microbial process with dedicated AHUs for clean room zones. The facility includes Microbial Fermentation & Downstream Processing Zone with Microbiology and Molecular Biology / labs. It also includes Analytical wing and Tissue Culture Zone for Cell Cultures with independent wash rooms.
  • TICEL has installed Fomenters (5, 40, 100 L), Continuous High Throughput Centrifuge, High Pressure Homogenizer, TFF Systems, Chromatography System, etc. as Pilot Scale equipment and Genetic Analyzer, Flow Cytometer, MALDI TOF / TOF, Real Time PCR, etc. as Analytical equipment. Gel Electrophoresis System, Thermal Cycler, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Incubators, Autoclaves, etc. as basic equipment and utility equipment are available.
  • TICEL is offering the equipment for utilization by Companies / Scientists / Entrepreneurs on non-exclusive basis for their scientific activities / process & product development / sample analysis. The consumables and chemicals / reagents for the operation of the equipment are being sourced by the clients as per their specifications and requirements. The charges for utilizing equipment will be collected from the clients. TICEL clients and external Companies / Scientists are using the equipment at BTCIF for their scientific activities.
    The detailed brochure on BTCIF, Charges for utilization of equipment and Booking form are available in our website,

(v) Guwahati Biotech Park Incubation Centre (GBPIC), Assam
The project of setting up of Guwahati Biotech Park Technology Incubation Centre has been sanctioned by the DBT at a total cost of Rs.27.99 crores in 2009 for a period of three years.

  • Government of Assam (GoA) has recently allotted a land measuring 17 acres to Guwahati Biotech Park in proximity to IIT Guwahati for setting up of GBPIC. Another 7.5 acres of land near the allotted land has been identified and likely to be allotted soon to GBP. GoA has given a budgetary support of Rs 3.82 Cr for procurement of land and 2.2 Cr for construction of perimeter fencing and land development cost for the permanent campus of Guwahati Biotech Park in the F.Y. 2013-14.
  • Existing building of IITG has been renovated to make it suitable for housing the sophisticated instruments (purchased with the funding from GBPIC project). Facilities include 8 Modular Laboratories, Specialized & Support Facilities. NECTAR N/E application centre-Nest programme is being proposed. Ecosystem needs to be created using natural products built on strengths. The progress of the park is regularly monitored by GBPIC Management Committee and Technical Advisory Committee.
  • 9 incubatees are currently associated and 6 are graduated. The Incubator has 94 common facilities.

(vi) KRIBS BioNest (Erstwhile KINFRA Biotech Park),Kochi, Kerala
The proposal for setting up of a Biotechnology Incubator at Kerala Biotechnology Park was sanctioned in March 2005 at a total cost of Rs. 23.18 crores for a period of 3 years. The share of DBT is Rs. 11.00 crores and the rest, to be contributed by the State Government.

  • Civil works of the Biotechnology Incubation Centre have been completed. Building infrastructure has been constructed to house various facilities such as Analytical lab, Bio-processing and Molecular facilities. This includes clean room standards ISO 7 and 8 labs for various purposes. A total space of more than 10,000 sq. feet is available for rental to incubatees. Besides these spaces, there is provision for setting up a central Instrumentation Facility, Medicinal Plant Extraction Facility, Micro Propagation Facility and Fermentation Facility. 20 acres land is available for lease to industries.
  • Human Resources: Under the BioNest there are 03 major divisions: Analytical, Molecular and Bio-processing. Each division is under scientific mentorship by an experienced scientist from RGCB and a post doctoral scientist is in charge of each of these facilities. They are assisted by 5 technical personnel at various levels and 2 administrative personnel. Two staff members with business administration qualifications are involved in marketing the facility.
  • Entrepreneurial Facilitation Services: The Biotech Park functions on the model of mentorship and nurture by trained scientific personnel. All interested applicants are encouraged to make a detailed presentation in front of an experienced, friendly technical committee which consists of technical personnel from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as scientific and administrative personnel.
  • >Business Plan/ Management Model: The KRIBS BioNest functions on the model of revenue generated based on rental receipts and equipment usage charges. But this amount is insufficient to fund the ongoing activities in the Centre. Earlier, KINFRA had charged a small rental of 8 to 13 rupees a square feet and actual for utilities with a small amount for common facilities. KRIBS BioNest increased the rental to an amount of Rs. 40 per square feet, but this has been greatly resisted by the companies approaching us for space.
  • BIONEST is a facility (a) to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies based on life and medical sciences (b) to nurture emerging ventures and (c) to assist new enterprises to forge appropriate link with other biotech companies, academia and government. It aims to provide a viable mechanism for licensing new technologies to upcoming biotech companies, to start new local ventures and to achieve early state value enhancement of the technology with minimum financial inputs. The deliverables of BioNest are technology packages, new product portfolios, techno economic feasibility and project reports for new products, process/product patents, prototypes of new equipment and rich management experience. BioNest will serve as a platform for creation of new jobs in technology development and scale-up.
  • The progress of the BioNest facility has been reviewed recently by DBT in March, 2017 and based on the visit report of the committee, the project is likely to be extended till 2019 to fulfil the objectives of the project.

(vii) Bangalore Biotechnology Park, Karnataka
The project was sanctioned at a total Project Cost of Rs 32.26 Cr; with KBITS contribution of Rs 17.81 Cr and DBT Contribution of Rs 14.45 Cr. The project was sanctioned in 2005 for a period of 3 years.

  • Civil Construction (Nirmithi Kendra) is 80% (appx.) complete with 25 Incubation suites ranging from 200 sq.ft to 700 sq.ft. Also includes Common Instrumentation facility, Mammalian and Plant tissue culture, Dark room/Cold room/Utilities, Animal house/Chemical store, Cafeteria/Meeting rooms/Conference rooms etc.
  • Process has started for separate Entity (section 25 Co) to be formed. To operationalize within 6 months’ time. Project Management Committee (PMC) and Technical Advisory and Resource group formed (TARG).
  • Services include plug-and-play, infrastructure lab space and common equipments, high end equipments and facilities, mentorship, funding, networking, branding, legal, finance and accounting.
  • Role in Cluster Development
    • Facilitate Bio Helix Park Development by attracting big and medium sized companies
    • Linkages with Public R&D and academic Institutions- IBAB, CHG
    • Advocacy and policy research
    • Creation of value networks
  • The centre has 21 common instrumentation facilities. Also have 18 resident incubatees and 3 incubatees graduated.

Guidelines of Biotech Park