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International Cooperation in Clean Energy

International Cooperation in Clean Energy

  • Co-ordinating the Mission Innovation on clean energy for India–Minister for Science and Technology & Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan announced India’s plans to double the country’s investment in Clean Energy Research over the next five years at the Mission innovation Ministerial at San Francisco where he led an Indian delegation.
    Mission Innovation & Clean Energy Ministerial launched at San Francisco
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  • Indo-US Joint Clean Energy Research and development Centre – DBT is supporting bio-fuel consortium led by IICT Hyderabad and University of Florida from the US. This programme is being co-ordinated by DBT along with US Department of Energy under an MoU signed between both countries in November 2010.

DBT established network of more than 100 scientists working to realize the goals of National Biofuel Policy. More than 100 papers published & more than 12 patents filed.