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DBT IOC Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research, Faridabad

DBT IOC Centre for Advanced Bioenergy Research, Faridabad is a finest example of collaboration of DBT with an industry. The centre has established protocols for Life Cycle Assessment and GHG emission evaluation of all grades of biofuels. Unique process for CO2 fermentation and conversion to lipids has been carried out and a pilot is under installation. Development of enzymes needed for cellulosic ethanol is a major programme of the centre. It is planning a 10 ton/day cellulosic ethanol green field plant to be operational by Q2 2019.

DBT-IOC Center Faridabad
DBT-IOC Center Faridabad

DBT IOC centre has completed two years and the major thrust of the centre has been to develop second and third generation biofuels, such as ligno-cellulosic ethanol and algal fuels.

  • The centre got equipped with state of art facilities
  • The centre is developing tailored enzyme cocktail for each feedstock
  • Several novel microalgae strains isolated for high value lipid co-production of DHA and biodiesel.
  • Intensive research activities in areas of improved C6 fermentation, C5 fermentation, algal cultivation, biohydrogen and biomass characterization have been carried out. A 3000 litre tubular photobioreactor state of the art facility is under installation.