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Basic Research
Basic Research Basic Research in Modern Biology
Recent times have seen a surge in research related to innovation, invention and product orientation. In fact, top experts have made it clear that innovation in biosciences can make it a bigger industry than information technology.But basic research must remain the cornerstone of the biotech edifice, for without basic research the country will always remain knowledge deficient. Hence, the Department of Biotechnology has developed a very strong bench for basic research in modern biology.

Biodesign Nano biotechnology
Nano biotechnology is a relatively new programme. Initiated as a stand-alone programme in the year, 2007 it fosters research, leverages the fast growing knowledge in different areas of Nanoscience to create values in Biomedical and Agricultural business space. Nanobiotechnology requires a multidisciplinary research approach.
Human Genetics And Genome Analysis Genome Engineering Technologies
The year 2014 saw a new Task Force constituted with a vision to foster innovation and promote development of Genome-wide Analysis and Engineering Technologies to make them accessible and affordable for wider use in Life Sciences.