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Animal Biotechnology
Animal Production Animal Production

Livestock sector plays an important role in the economy of our country. The contribution of this sector in national economy was approximately 3.9% in 2011-12. India ranks first in the world in milk production with an estimated production of 132.4 million tonnes in 2012-13. India is also third largest egg-producer in the world, over 69.7 billion eggs were produced in 2012-13.

animal care Animal Health

DBT supports R & D programmes for development of affordable new generation vaccines and diagnostics against a plethora of animal diseases. The emphasis is to suffix “C” to the R & D programmes to make way for the ‘commercialization’ of the developed leads, products and processes. A thrust in this direction is given through multi-faceted approaches such as collaborative translational research, consolidation of existing projects with potential leads and generation of network programmes around major animal disease of national importance.