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Centres for developing pre-breeding materials making use of genomic information, interfaces with wide hybridisation and molecular mapping; and also centres for abiotic stresses will be initiated. Besides, initiatives will be taken to start R&D programme on the following aspects:

  • Improved reproductive efficiency with regard to yield convertibility.
  • Protection of yield loss due to stress/climate change.
  • Introgression and pyramiding useful genetic loci in diverse germplasm.
  • Development of molecular markers for monitoring agronomically important traits.
  • Enhancement of nutritional value of important crops. Phenomics and Genomics of Ragi (Elusine coracana).
  • Programme on biotechnological approaches for improving agricultural productivity of coastal regions.
  • A new program on association mapping for the improvements of crops and also metabolic pathway engineering to enhance the important metabolites of economic importance.
  • Network projects to bring important traits for abiotic and biotic resistance in rice, wheat, maize, cotton, chickpea, mustard, soybean, mungbean, cotton, bajra, jowar where robust markers are available in public domain through marker aided breeding.