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Major Successes
Significant achievements during the 11th Plan period
  • In wheat, new hybrids developed were demonstrated to have tolerance to heat and high grain filling efficiency attributed to stay green habit & chlorophyll retention.
  • For wide hybridization for developing heat tolerant wheat germplasm, Aegilops speltoids accessions evaluated extensively and observed to possess very high level tolerance to heat with no effect of increasing temperature on plant growth and maturity. ~ 300 BC2F4 Triticum durum – Ae.speltoids progenies evaluated for heat tolerance components and morphological traits. Introgression profiling of T. durum – Ae. speltoids progenies was undertaken.
  • Twenty five putative transgenic hill banana plant lines exhibiting resistance against Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) have been developed and 8 of these plants exhibited high degree of resistance against BBTV and they remained free from bunchy top symptom at the end of 6th month.
  • Phytase gene encoding cloned from Aspergillus niger is being used for developing micronutrient rich transgenic maize lines for use in poultry feed. Twelve such putative transgenic lines have been developed.
  • In sorghum, three stable charcoal rot resistance QTLs were successfully introgressed from E36-1 into M35-1 and SPV86 varieties. Its BC3F3 progenies carrying various QTLs combination were field evaluated. Based on multi-season and location phenotypic data, QTLs for stay-green, water use efficiency (deltaC) and yield related traits were mapped. Three stable QTLs for stay-green and one for deltaC were introgressed into M35-1, SPV86 and SPV570. Their BC3F2 plants are being genotyped. Four superior RILs including the one tolerant to shoot fly (30% incidence) have been identified. Three Fusarium wilt resistant superior lines have entered multi-location trial and 16 other resistant lines were in station trial.

A National Plant Gene Repository has been set up for proper cataloging, documentation, storage, maintenance and distribution of novel and important plant genes and promoters being cloned in our various institutes. The repository would facilitate our scientists in undertaking programmes in functional and application genomics areas.