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EMBO Events Calendar July 2016 – July 2017
image1 Funding Available July 2016 – July 2017 for Courses, Workshops and Conferences

Courses, workshops and conferences
1 March and 1 August 2016

Keynote lecture: February, 1 June, 1 October

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Practical Courses
15-22 October 2016 Modelling Cellular process in space and time Contact: F. Nedelec
17–23 October 2016 High throughput microscopy for systems biology Contact: Rainer Pepperkok
17–24 October 2016 Solution scattering from biological macromolecules Contact: Dmitri Svergun
7–11 November 2016 Biomolecular interaction analysis 2016: From molecules to cells Contact: Frederico Silva
13–18 November 2016 Targeted proteomics: Experimental design and data analysis Contact: Eduard Sabidó
13–17 February 2017 Metabolomics bioinformatics for life scientists Contact: Reza Salek
26 March–7 April 2017 Plant microbiota Contact: Paul Schulze-Lefert
24–29 April 2017 Tree building: Advanced concepts and practice of phylogenetic analysis Contact: T. Martin Embley
5–17 June 2017 Bioinformatics and genome analyses Contact: Christos Ouzounis
13–23 June 2017 Advanced electron microscopy for cell biology Contact: Paolo Ronchi
18 June–1 July 2017 Developmental neurobiology: From worms to mammals Contact: Clemens Kiecker
10–20 July 2017 Mouse genome engineering Contact: Mihail Sarov
24–28 July 2017 Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology Contact: Cornelia Welte
24–28 October 2016 Glycosylation in the Golgi complex Contact: Seetharaman Parashuraman
27 November–1 December 2016 Transducing glycan information into function: Lessons from galectins Contact: Ludger Johannes
10–14 January 2017 Cell death, inflammation and cancer Contact: Andreas Villunger
10–15 January 2017 Emerging concepts in cell organization Contact: Marino Zerial
23–26 April 2017 Awakening of the genome: The maternal to zygotic transition Contact: Nadine Vastenhouw
23–26 April 2017 Metabolic disorders and liver cancer Contact: Erwin F. Wagner
8–12 May 2017 Signalling and endomembranes Contact: Frédéric Bard
6–9 June 2017 Dynamic kinetochore Contact: Julie Welburn
2–5 July 2017 Mitochondrial quality control Contact: Quan Chen
10–15 July 2017 Intercellular communication in development and disease Contact: Christine Faulkner
2–7 October 2016 Retinal proteins Contact: Wiebke Apel
4–7 October 2016 Cilia 2016 Contact:Ronald Roepman
4–6 October 2016 Translational research in cancer cell metabolism Contact: Arkaitz Carracedo
19–22 October Experimental approaches to evolution and ecology using yeast and other model systems Contact: Lars Steinmetz
23–27 October 2016 Structure and function of the endoplasmic reticulum Contact: Pedro Carvalho
12–15 November 2016 From functional genomics to systems biology Contact: Eileen Furlong
20–23 November 2016 Molecular machines: Integrative structural and molecular biology Contact: Daniel Panne
27 November–1 December 2016 Bacterial morphogenesis, survival and virulence: Regulation in 4D Contact: Sunish Radhakrishnan
30 November–2 December 2016 Innate lymphoid cells – 2016 Contact: Chiara Romagnani
6–8 March 2017 Towards novel therapies: Emerging insights from structural and molecular biology Contact: Dirk Jan Slotboom
18–22 March 2017 Protein translocation and cellular homeostasis Contact: Arnold Driessen
3–6 May 2017 Chromatin and epigenetics Contact: Asifa Akhtar
7–10 May 2017 Cell biology of the neuron: Polarity, plasticity and regeneration Contact:Casper Hoogenraad
14–19 May 2017 Protein quality control: Success and failure in health and disease Contact: Anne Bertolotti
23–26 May 2017 Advances in stem cells and regenerative medicine Contact: Donal O’Carroll
4–9 June 2017 Cell polarity and membrane dynamics Contact: Fernando Martín Belmonte
13–16 June 2017 Hijacking host signalling and epigenetic mimicry during infections Contact:Moshe Yaniv
23–28 July 2017 Helicases and nucleic acid-based machines: Structure, mechanism and regulation and roles in human disease Contact: Dagmar Klostermeier
5–8 October 2016 The complex life of mRNA Contact: Anne Ephrussi
12–15 October 2016 Organoids: Modelling organ development and disease in 3D culture Contact:Jürgen Knoblich
Lecture Courses
14–20 May 2017 Biophysics and medicine of channels and transporters: Electrifying new insights Contact: Paolo Tammaro
12–22 June 2017 Molecular architecture, dynamics and function of biomembranes Contact:Gerrit van Meer