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While diplomacy may not offer an additional bouquet of science, science itself bolsters diplomacy because the common concerns of the countries of the world are the same– food for all, home and shelter, hygiene, nutrition, a disease-insulated society and cure from ailments. India has emerged as a biotechnology hub in the Asian region. There is an increasing need for scientific capacity building to match the increasing global challenges. International collaborations are an important vehicle for accelerating the pace of growth in research and development. DBT over the decade has strategically developed strong international collaboration with numerous countries and non-governmental organisations.

World Map

canada US Brazil Denmark Finland UK Netherland Spain Indo-France Indo-Japan Indo-Vietnam Indo-Australia Russia Germany Germany Estonia
Multilateral cooperation
European Union*

Department is partnering with EU through the framework of ERA-NET as well as India specific ERA-NET called New Indigo. After successful completion of New Indigo, DBT is partnering with India specific ERA NET called INNO Indigo. India has partnered recently in INFECT-ERA NET as well Indigo Policy. Four projects large multi-partner multi-country networked ongoing projects within ERA NET framework and 17 projects under ew Indigo ERA-NET.

Collaborations with International organizations
DBT-BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)*

MoU has been signed between DBT & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address global health & development needs in developing countries. The projects / initiatives would be jointly funded by DBT & BMGF.

DBT-Wellcome Trust Alliance*

The Department of Biotechnology has partnered with Wellcome Trust (WT), which is a London-based “global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds”.

The partnership is to launch a three-tier fellowship programme on biomedical research at post-doctoral level. The DBT and the WT, each have committed GBP 8 million per year, for a period of five years. The programme is being administered by a Special Purpose Vehicle, which has been registered as The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, a public charitable trust in India.

The fellowships are open to all Indians working outside of India and within India. The fellowships are also open to non-Indians willing to work in India.

Four categories of fellowships are awarded every year:

  • 40 Early-career fellowships (with one year post-doctoral experience)
  • 20 Intermediate fellowships (with 3-6 years of post-doctoral experience)
  • 10 Senior Fellowships
  • Margdarshi fellowships
A total of 93 awards had been made from April 1, 2009, till date Details of the alliance and new calls for applications are available on
Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Student Teams (BEST)*
BEST-India is a programme aimed at encouraging young postgraduates and doctoral students in developing biotechnology entrepreneurship by exposing them to issues involved in commercialisation of bioscience. The BEST programme initiated for encouraging innovation and enterprise in students has yielded in six start-up companies by the winning teams
  • 2009 Sea6Energy established by team from IIT Madras
  • 2009 Windmill Health established by team from IIT Bombay
  • 2010 Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd established by team from IISc., Bangalore
  • 2011 Damuscus Fortune established by team from SASTRA Univ, Thanjavore
  • 2012 Sashiusm Technologies-Innovation for Evolution established by team from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur
  • 2012 BIOSIS established by team from Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bangalore
DBT-Crest Award*
In keeping with the advancement of global networks for the development of science and the Departments priority toward capacity building in human resources, the DBT Cutting-edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training Award (DBT-CREST Award) provides fellowships to researchers for advanced scientific training abroad. Every year, approximately 50 fellowships are awarded, including to those from the north Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Institutions or scientists interested in the above programme may submit their proposals / applications as and when the Department issues call for a particular programme(s).

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