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THSTI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Discovery Programme

The programme aims to design vaccines to prevent HIV infection, particularly one that elicits an immune response capable of neutralizing a broad spectrum of the circulating genetic variants of HIV. The program will entail developing, refining and adapting technologies for the systematic screening of thousands of candidate immunogens in parallel assays and their swift prioritization for further development.

In August 2012, the programme was rechristened as “HIV Vaccine Translational Research Laboratory” (HVTR) and launched at India’s first international symposium, “Accelerating India’s Response to Research for a Preventive HIV Vaccine” held in New Delhi on August 13 and 14, 2012.

A new research facility has been set up for the program at THSTI, in keeping with the planned scientific work plan that will primarily focus on

  • HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein-based proteomics to screen and select Env proteins based on their stability and binding profile to multiple neutralizing and non-neutralizing antibodies;
  • Prioritizing Env based immunogens based on their ability to activate B cells following interaction of antigen with the B-cell receptor leading to initiation of intracellular signalling pathways;
  • The Programme will also be delving into the identification and characterization of the broadly neutralizing antibodies found within the Indian HIV epidemic.