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Technologies Transferred
Technology for detection of Neisseria gonorhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis

A highly sensitive, specific and cost effective diagnostic assay for rapid detection of two most common sexually transmitted infections was developed by Prof Daman Saluja, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research (ACBR), University of Delhi. Technology was transferred through an MoA on 6th November, 2012 to M/s DSS Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

Technology for a Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Celiac Disease (CD)

An ELISA based diagnostic technology for Celiac disease has been developed through a multi-centric DBT funded project involving ICGEB, New Delhi; THSTI, Gurgaon & AIIMS, New Delhi in collaboration with M/s J Mitra& Co., New Delhi. An agreement was signed for the transfer of technology to M/s J.Mitra& Co. on 25thApril, 2013 in DBT. Assay validation process has been successfully completed with encouraging outcome. The diagnostic kit would be commercialised very soon.

Some technologies are ready for transfer. These include

Potential Leishmanial antigen for Vaccine and Diagnostic development’ (NII, New Delhi)

Indigenous Lentiviral Vector Technology for custom services for cDNA or siRNA cloning’ (ACTREC, Mumbai) have been developed.

Negotiations have been initiated for their transfer to industries.