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Major Achievements
Major Achievements since onset (2006)
  • About 800 projects in cancer, neuroscience and endocrine-related disorders funded
  • Areas covered include patho-biology studies, pathway discovery, drug-interventions, biomarkers in cancers of Indian relevance
  • A large number of network projects initiated in cancer biology & immunotherapeutic interventions
  • Under Neuroscience, Neuro-degeneration; pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases; neuropathic pain; epilepsy, schizophrenia & psychotic disorder, neuro-infections have been focussed
  • About 400 papers published with an average impact factor of 4-5, in peer reviewed journals
  • About 500 students trained while doing PhD as research scholars/fellows.
  • Special schemes such as INCRE and INCNE started