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Medical Biotechnology

In a world where scores die due to lack of adequate medical facilities… or more specifically, in a country where poverty and attendant health and hygiene issues cause old and new diseases to spread fast, the imminent need is to stay ahead of the curve in medical biotechnology.

DBT’s Medical Biotechnology is an umbrella programme which encompasses a whole range of areas targeted towards bringing about solutions to various medical problems that increase human morbidity and mortality. The programmes aim to prevent human diseases, diagnose them early and also find solutions (therapeutic) that can manage the medical problem.

They include…

Infectious Diseases Infectious diseases biology programme
Infectious Diseases Human development and disease biology
cronic desease (1) Chronic disease biology
Vaccines and Diagnostics Vaccines and diagnostics
Human Genetics And Genome Analysis Human genetics and genome analysis
Stem Cell Research And Regenerative Medicine Stem cell research and regenerative medicine
Biodesign Biodesign
Bioengineering Bioengineering

Through these, DBT promotes research and development on various diseases specifically relevant for the country, and stresses on the need to develop preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic tools for major diseases. It focuses on medical technologies and translational research to solve medical problems of humankind.