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National Biotechnology Development Strategy

Department of Biotechnology had brought out a ‘National Biotechnology Development Strategy’ in 2007 which was a guiding framework for the activities and programmes taken up during the Eleventh plan period. The strategy sought to address a number of challenges in terms of R&D; creation of investment capital; technology transfer, absorption and diffusion; intellectual property regime; regulation standards and accreditation; tailor-made human capital for science and innovation and public understanding of biotechnology.

DBT has accomplished or initiated actions for most of the targets in the strategy. The implementation of Biotech Strategy 2007 has provided an insight into what works and what does not in the national context.

Consultations for the Biotech Strategy-II were held in May, 2011. Over 200 Experts and Scientists participated in each sectoral area and the recommendations are based on the discussions of the sectoral group. Based on these recommendations, the draft National Biotechnology Development Strategy document was prepared.

Comments/ suggestions invited on Draft National Guidelines for Stem Cell Research, 2017

National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2015-2020

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