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  • Establishment of infrastructure and facilities for Life Science and Biotechnology R&D in universities or institutions
  • Encouraging the utilisation of the established infrastructure on shared or service basis
  • Establishment of National Repositories: Repositories for biomaterials ensure
  • a continuous supply of high-quality viruses, bacteria, and fungi, as well as cell lines
  • genetic stocks and advanced sequencing facilities
  • promotion of development of indigenous biochemical reagents
  • clinical and field trial facilities
  • access to synchrotron beamlines
  • animal house facilities
  • National Primate Research Centres
  • bioclusters
  • GLP certified laboratories
  • viral and regulatory testing facilities
  • laboratories for biosafety assessment
  • bio-incubators
  • biotech parks
  • National Gene Vector Laboratories
  • Islet Cell Resource Centres
  • human tissue and organ resource and animal biotechnology platforms
  • noninvasive imaging and spectroscopy.