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New initiatives planned under VAP and VGCP

Under the aegis of VAP and VGCP support will be provided to individual & collaborative projects proposed by Indian and U.S. collaborating scientists. In the coming years we hope to expand into new research areas, within the broad scope of the programme’s objectives. Such areas include research in basic immunology pertaining to infectious diseases and the role of the human microbiome in infection and immunity.The VAP is also engaging new programme implementation partners to conduct its operations, where there is natural opportunity.Examples include the development of a TB/HIV research programme through collaboration with CRDF-Global and a human immunology research programme through the HIPC. In both cases, these partners add value due to their specific experience and expertise and they are jointly endorsed by NIAID and DBT. The success of these model partnerships could pave the way for others.

Regional Prospective Observational Research for Tuberculosis Initiative

The target of this new initiative is to establish long term longitudinal cohorts of TB patients in India to better understand TB epidemic in high-burden countries and facilitate broad array of biomedical TB research in India.

Human Immune Phenotyping and Infectious Disease Initiative

This initiative aims to promote Indo-US collaborative research on human immune-phenotyping studies, in context of infectious disease and vaccine development.