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Newton-Bhabha PhD placement programme ( 2016-17)(Last date: 16/08/2016)

Call status: Open
Proposal deadline:16th August 2016

Call Outline

The programme aims to develop individual capacity of scholars through PhD placements.

The programme is jointly funded by the British Council India, Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and offers short-term (2-4 months) PhD placements for Indian and UK PhD scholars to spend a period of their study at UK or Indian higher education or research institutions.

DST will support 20 students each from India and UK in STEM. DBT will support 20 students each from India and UK in Life Sciences. The funding to the selected scholars will be disbursed by March 2017 and placements can take place between April and December 2017.

Applications are invited in STEM and Life Sciences subjects including the Grand Challenges areas and underpinning capabilities identified by the UK-India Task Force on Science and Innovation, which are:

  • Biological and medical sciences – This includes Life sciences, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Micro biology, Bio chemistry, Medicine , Pharma and Veterinary Sciences
  • Engineering Physical and space sciences – This includes Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Physical Mathematics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Environment Food and Agriculture sciences
  • Public health and well being
Application Download:


For British Council – India
Purti Kohli
Email ID – or

For DST – India
Dr S Mallikarjun Babu
Email ID –

For DBT – India
Dr. Sanjay Kalia
Room No. 814 Block 2, 8th Floors,
Department of Biotechnology
CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
New Delhi – 110 003
Email ID –