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Mission Innovation and Clean Energy Ministerial 6-8 June, 2017 Beijing, China


Curtain Raiser

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister Science & Technology and Earth Sciences
to lead the Indian Delegation

World’s Energy Leaders to Gather in Beijing for second Mission Innovation Ministerial
and 8th Clean Energy Ministerial

On June 7, Energy Ministers from 2-3 Nations with 90% of Clean Energy Investments and 75%
of GHG Emission meet to Focus on Advancing Clean Energy Cooperation and Implementing Paris
Agreement Commitments

  • An Indian delegation led by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Minister Science & Technology and Earth Sciences will be participating in the Second Mission Innovation and Clean Energy Ministerial along with Senior Officials from the Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Ministry of Power.
  • Mission Innovation
    1. Eighteen months ago on 30th November 2015 leaders of 20 countries came together to launch Mission Innovation (MI), a landmark 5-year commitment to accelerate the pace of innovation and make clean energy widely affordable and accessible worldwide. MI now comprises 22 economies and the European Commission, representing the European Union, and collectively accounts for more than 80 percent of the world’s total public financing of clean energy R&D.
    2. There is a concerted effort by 22 Member countries and EU to enhance the pace of innovation and scale of transformation through this clean energy revolution launch to meet the requirement for economic, energy security and goals in timely manner.
    3. India is Founding Member of the Steering Committee and also a Member of the two sub-groups: Joint research and Capacity Building and Private Sector Engagement.
    4. During the meeting 7 Innovation Challenges would be announced out of which India co-leads 3 challenges: Smart Grid, Off-Grid Access and Sustainable biofuels.
    5. India will be announcing two MI-centric Funding Opportunities in Smart Grid and Off grid Access at US $ 5 million each. Joint virtual Clean Energy Centre with UK and Indian Government funding of UK £5 million each has been initiated. Under the Indo-US Joint Clean Energy Research (PACE-R) the new collaborative public–private programme on Smart Grids & Energy Storage would be announced.
    6. Minister will announce the hosting of MI sustainable Biofuel Innovation Challenge workshop in collaboration with Biofuture platform in New Delhi in December 2017.