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India’s rich genetic resource is being utilised to develop baseline data on various ethnic groups for disease susceptibility and provide genetic services to large number of families.

This includes prenatal genetic disorder diagnosis and counseling to affecting families including tribal population.

Public awareness on thalassemia, DMD, SCD, haemophilia etc., has been augmented. The DBT has focused on disease-based human genome analysis at genetic clinics further than just human genome sequencing.

DBT has also strengthened its existing Bioinformatics network by creating Genome Mirror Sites.

The programme focused on
  • Technology development
  • Computational analysis of genome sequences
  • Disease-based sequencing analysis

Under the Indian Government’s 12th Five Year Plan (2013 to 2017) the DBT is slated to initiate frontline research in human genetics and genomics.

This aims to improve disease management through life style modulation, improvement in public health, reduction of disease burden and lowering of treatment cost.

There is need to establish clear understanding of genetic and environmental factors, and their interactions with control of common diseases and disorders.

The DBT also will go for acquisition and development of human genome technologies with a major emphasis on translational genomics and genomics to clinic related programmes/projects.