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5th Indo-Spanish Joint Call for Technological Co-Operation in Biotechnology 2018


A Joint Programme for Co-operation signed by the Department of Biotechnology of India (DBT) and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI E.P.E.) in 2011. The objective of the joint Indo-Spanish programme is to promote and fund market-driven research and technology development. The programme also encourages dynamic partnerships and business-Ied R&D&I collaborative projects in the field of biotechnology.

In continuation of the same, DBT and CDTI E.P.E. have agreed to launch the 5th joint India-Spain Call for Technological Cooperation in Biotechnology, aiming for proposals in the field of Food Biotechnology and Agri. Biotechnology.

The call aims to commence ambitious joint projects of a high international standard between Indian and Spanish organizations.


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