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Enhancement of Innovation Ecosystem
Biotechnology Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), a public sector undertaking was set up under DBT to provide the platform for a well-defined Innovation Ecosystem for product development. It has so far supported nearly 300 companies and 100 young entrepreneurs for innovation, research and product development. Further, the Biotechnology Translational Research and Industry Academia partnership has promoted through three Biotech clusters, eight Biotech Parks and 13 Bioincubators. In addition, 16 Centers of Excellences have been created as a flexible model of long-term support for highly innovative, basic and translational research to create high quality state-of-the-art facilities for R&D.

Here is how it has been instrumental in taking science and technology to the industry

Biotech startup scenario in India was transformed by BIG: One of BIRAC’s flagship schemes is called BIG (Biotechnology Ignition Grant). BIG has supported 140 entrepreneurial ideas over five calls at pre-proof-of-concept stage. Twenty-two new startups were created (in 18 months) and the total number of employment generated is 231.

Provided access to high-end infrastructural requirement to the biotech community in India: BIRAC through its bio-incubation scheme (BISS) has supported fifteen bio-incubation centres across the nation and has created 124,000 sq.ft of incubation space. Within these incubators, around 199 biotech startups are being provided support. In each of the bio-incubator, BIRAC has supported a common pool of high-end instrumentation that is being used by incubate and other SMEs for R&D.

Seventeen Products, Eleven technologies, Sixteen Early Stage-Technologies, Two Process Innovations, 23 IP Generated/Facilitated

322 Start-Ups, SME, and Entrepreneurs Supported

BIRAC Ace Fund announced – Hon’ble Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences announced an Equity Fund for Accelerating Entrepreneurs during BIRAC Foundation Day Function.

Products Launched/Developed

  • Malaria Antigen Detection Kit,
  • Quality Wine Produced By Enzymatic Maceration of Mango Pulp,
  • Indigenous Production of Dextranase using Ssf Technique