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Distributed Information Centre (DICs)
Distributed Information Centre (DICs)

Eleven Distributed Information Centres (DIC) in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have been established as part of BTISnet. The focus of these centres, like CoEs is high quality research, education and services. The DICS at IARI, New Delhi and Kerala agricultural University, Thrissur are mainly focused on Agri-informatics. At IARI web based tool like Wheat Informatics, MiRule (Rule based micro RNA prediction Tool), a plant Transmembrane Kinase prediction tool have been developed. The centre is offering PG course in areas of ‘Simulation and Informatics’. The centre provides training for agricultural scientist staff and students. The recent research focus of NII, New Delhi centre is on prediction of micoRNAs and their protein interaction partners, and bioinformatics analysis of enzymes involved in biosynthesis of lantibiotics and cycodipeptides. Some of the database and software package developed at NII include prediction of PDZ binding peptides, Analysis of PKS/NRPS, Motif Discovery. The thrust area for the centre at University of Calcutta, Kolkata is human resource development for the east and north east region of the country. For this purpose the centre is offering 2 courses viz. MSc in Bioinformatics and Biophysics and advance PG diploma in Bioinformatics. The centre at Anna University is mainly focusing research in the area of Molecular Dynamics, Cluster computing, Enzyme structure function studies, protein interactions, comparative Genomics and system Biology. A project on setting up of mirror site on electronic database and biological software in public was funded under Jai Vigyan National Science and Technology Mission to IMTECH, Chandigarh. The centre has mirrored number of sites including Public Domain Software in Biology like software at EBI and Indiana University; and General Purpose Software Packages such as GNU Project web server and PostgreSQL Site. The major activity now days at IMTECH is to create the electronic database of biological resources in public domain and to distribute these resources on-line as well as off-line and these will be searchable through email. The public domain resources in biology has been divided in three categories i) Public Domain Software in Biology (PDSB); ii) Public Domain Web Servers in Biology (PDWSB); iii) Public Domain Web Pages Biology (PDWPB).