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Indian Biological Engineering Competition -2018 (iBEC)

Indian Biological Engineering Competition (iBEC) first time launched in 2016 by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), MoS&T, Govt of India and every year 5 selected student teams are given DBT grant  to participate in International Genetic Engineering Machine (iGEM) held in US.

So far,with DBT support 12 student teams participated in the International Competition (iGEM) held every year in Boston and most of the teams secured medals.

This year in February, 2018, a total 19 applications received by DBT and based on merit and other evaluation criteria, 5 best applications have been recommended by the Expert Committee of DBT.

Selected 5 Student Teams from 5 different institutes are as below

  Team Proposal Title
1. RamnarainRuia Autonomous College,



Catechewing Coli: Genetically engineered bacteria to remove the color of Paan stains.
2. DBT-ICT, Mumbai


Smart Soil: Enabling plants to resist diseases.
3. IISER, Mohali


Fear Omnoe: A cat pheromone based bio-synthetic deterrent to minimize post-harvest losses caused by rat manifestation.
4. IISER, Kolkata


Bac Man: A probiotic bacterial “Batman” to protect the citizens of Gotham from arsenic Poisoning.
5. VIT University, Vellore


Bye-carbonate: Engineering “Pro” chloroccus to tackle ocean Acidification.

Each selected teamwill receive a grant of Rs. 10.0L as per guidelines to participate in iGEM-18