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Inception, Implementation and Monitoring
The Department of Biotechnology was established in 1986 and animal biotechnology sector was identified as one of the key areas for R&D support. The major aim of the programme is to enhance production and productivity of livestock sector.
The department initiated a major mission mode programme for improvement of cattle herd through embryo transfer technology (ETT) and associated reproductive technologies in 1989 and significant achievements were obtained. Various embryo transfer and other reproductive techniques was standardised in cattle, buffalo, goat, equine, camel, mithun and yak.
Later on, the department initiated several major multi-centric programmes on various aspects of livestock production viz. Open Nucleus Breeding System for enhancing productivity of Sahiwal crossbred cattle, development of transgenic technology, ligno-cellulose degradation for development of quality feed, detoxification and utilization of agro-forest based non-conventional oil cakes as feed supplement etc.
Beside this, open ended projects on basic and applied aspect of livestock production were continuously supported.
Strategy for implementation of programmes
The department implements the programme based on the recommendations of the Task Force.
The Task Force is constituted by the department once in three years which comprises of experts of various areas of livestock production sector.
The department has adopted a multipronged approach viz. open ended individual schemes, mission mode project, multi-centric programme, bottom up or top- down approach etc. for finding solutions of major problems of the area.
Monitoring and mentoring
The progress of ongoing R&D projects and achievements of completed projects is being monitored by the Task Force constituted by the department.
The Task Force meets twice or thrice in a year. For new proposal, a three tier review mechanism is in place viz. internal screening committee, experts comments and presentation by the PI in the Task Force meeting.
The department processes the proposal based on the Task Force recommendations. The department also mentors young researchers/ scientists by conducting Task Force meetings in different veterinary schools and animal science institutes for their active participation in the meetings. This gives the faculty of host institute an opportunity to interact with the experts and also with the investigators.
Commercialisation between 11th Five Year Plan Period (2007 -2012)
  • Reconstituted Collagen sheet of bovine origin developed under a project supported at CLRI was transferred to M/S Eucare Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, Chennai,
  • Sex determination test of Emu was developed and the technology was transferred to VR3 Emu Farms and hatchery units, Puducherry.