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Human Resource Development achievements

DBT has undertaken multiple initiatives for teaching & training in biotech education
Star College Program

  • Ninety-two colleges supported
  • Ten colleges accorded star status

More than 1600 personnel trained under UG, PG training courses

More than 2000 candidates provided industrial training under Biotech Industrial Training Programme

Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship brought back 173 Indian scientists from abroad in last six years: This fellowship was conceived with the idea of encouraging Indian scientists working outside the country (Indian Nationals) and who would like to come back home and pursue their research interests in life sciences and biotechnology and other related areas. During the last six years 247 overseas scientists were selected and 173 have already returned and joined various research institutes/universities 27 scientists are likely to join in next six months. Fifty scientists are selected every year. This has enriched the scientific pool of the country.