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Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre, IIT, Madras
  • This Centre is a joint initiative of IIT-M and DBT with the vision to develop technologies that create impact and drive innovation for healthcare area
  • Currently, more than 15 medical institutions and industry are collaborating to develop technologies such as disposable tray for sharp instruments; vein detection device; mobile eye surgical unit; automated evaluation of arterial stiffness for a non-invasive screening, eye image processing, analytics and computing platform; etc.
  • Several technologies in areas of ophthalmology, cardiovascular, ultrasound, neonatal, oncology, intensive care, are under development in collaboration with leading organisations. HTIC has successfully developed three technologies i.e. Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU), Eye PAC™ and ARTSENS™
  • HTIC has signed agreements with several industries on R&D of affordable healthcare technologies in chosen focus areas of cardiology, maternal and infant care and oncology.