Slider Image : Comparative genome map of Sphingobium spp. S. japonicum UT26S used as a reference genome over which other strains were mapped. Genes for HCH, Phenol/Toluene, Chlorophenol, Anthranilate and Homogentisate degradation pathways were identified in the outermost region of the figure. Outermost circle1: Orthologous genes, circle 2: S. lactosutens DS20, circle 3: S. baderi LL03, circle 4: S. quisquilarium P25, circle 5: S. ummariense RL3, circle 6: Sphingobium sp. HDIPO4, circle 7: S. chinhatense IP26, circle 8 (innermost circle): S.indicum B90A. (Darker color intensity represents higher percentage identity).