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Genesis and implementation
Genesis of Programme

Stem cell research and regenerative medicine is one of the thrust areas under biomedical research of the Department, and was launched in 2001.

The DBT has created a system to consider the clinical research proposals through four separate committees:

  • Human Studies Committee, to consider the clinical research protocol;
  • National Ethics Committee to evaluate the proposal from ethics point of view;
  • Task Force on Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine to evaluate the proposal from scientific and technical angle; and
  • Technical Advisory Committee of Centre of Excellence to consider the proposals for Centre of Excellence and infrastructure.
  • Short-term Strategy
    • Identify and support tthorough basic research on stem cells and regenerative medicine
    • Generation of human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESCs) lines
    • Reprogramming of adult stem cells
    • hESCs for screening and toxicity study
    • Generate & characterise iPSCs
    • Creation of animal models for various human diseases for safety and efficacy study
    • Training of human resources.


  • Medium and Long-term Strategy
    • Differentiation of ESCs and iPSCs into different lineages and their potential future applications
    • Generate disease specific cell lines
    • Pilot studies and randomised controlled clinical trials
    • Capacity building in institutions and medical schools
    • Repositories for SCs and cell lines
    • Establish global partnership.
Monitoring and mentoring

The department has constituted a separate Task Force on Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine

Terms of Reference
  • To consider, evaluate and recommend projects;
  • To monitor and review the progress of ongoing and completed projects;
  • To identify new priority areas of research;
  • To act as special project formulation group in the identified areas;
  • To deal with the conflict of interest and maintain confidentiality.