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Fellowships for Students
2 DBT Biology Scholarships for 10+2
For select students to encourage bioscience education beyond class 12 ….
Supports doctoral research in Biotechnology in universities, research institutions across India….
3 DBT-Research Associateship (DBT – RA)
Supports life sciences post doc study at India’s premier institutions ..
3 Khorana Program for Scholars
Indo-US joint effort to bring together biotech students of two countries….

DBT Biology Scholarships for 10+2

DBT biology scholarship is granted to 100 students from schools around the country. The students must be of higher secondary, intermediate or 10+2 level from any of the boards—CBSE, ICSE or state boards. This is done to encourage students to pursue studies in biological sciences and related subjects after 10+2. A total of 44 students from CBSE board, four from ICSE board and 52 (two from each state board) from the various state boards are selected for the award which carries a cash prize of Rs 20,000, a certificate and a medal

The selection is on the basis of merit list provided by the boards.

  • List of students finalized for Award of DBT Biology Scholarship 2012
  • Necessities for the electronic release of the DBT Biology Scholarship
    The list of awardees for the DBT Biology scholarship had earlier been uploaded. Now for the electronic release of one time Scholarship i.e. Rs. 20,000/- by DBT, the concerned awardees/students may note the following procedure/ points for immediate necessary action:-

    1. To process any release of the award money/scholarship, the concerned Agency/Individual must have registration in the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS/PFMS) of the Government of India.
    2. It is therefore, requested to logon to the site, click on register agency and select Individuals registration and fill your complete details and save the entries for the release of Scholarship of Rs. 20,000/-. You are required to register under the scheme [0146] Human Resource Development.
    3. The following information for electronic transfer of Award money/Scholarship may also be intimated at the following email address as under:-

      (For Individuals- Award money/Scholarship money of Rs. 20,000/-)
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The department provides fellowships to biotechnology students to pursue doctoral research in universities/research institutions across the country. The students are selected through Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET) now being co-ordinated by the National Centre for Cell Sciences.

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DBT-Research Associateship (DBT – RA)

The department provides fellowships for post doctoral research in frontier areas of biotechnology and life sciences at premier institutions in India. The DBT-RA programme is being implemented by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The fellowship is initially awarded for a period of two years and the support can be extended for 1 to 2 years based on review of progress.

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Khorana Program for Scholars

This program of scholarship is an Indo-US collaborative effort to create an effective scientific contact between the biotechnology students of India and the biotech students of the United States of America. The scholarship allows Indian students of B Tech, M Tech and M Sc to undertake research internship in Wisconsin-Madison University of USA. The programme has now been expanded to some other universities of USA like Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Georgetown.

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