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Fellowships for Scientists
b3 Ramalingaswamy Re-entry Fellowship
Welcoming Indian scientists working abroad back to our institutions..
3 TATA Innovation Fellowships
Promotes innovations towards path-breaking solutions for major challenges..
4 TWAS fellowships
For doctorate & post-doctorate students from developing countries at Indian institutions..
1 Cutting-Edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training (CREST) Award
Granted to biotech researchers for advanced scientific training abroad..
b1 Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance
Building excellence among Indian bio-medical scientists by supporting future leaders..


Ramalingaswamy Re-entry Fellowship

Call it the reversing of brain drain from the country. The DBT is keen to get back the precious scientific minds born and nurtured in the country that due to several reasons had gone away elsewhere, and hence the Ramalingaswamy Re-entry Fellowship for such biotechnologists by providing them an attractive avenue to pursue R&D in Indian institutions.

TATA Innovation Fellowships

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) initiated Tata Innovation Fellowship in 2007 to promote innovation in science, especially in Biotechnology in finding path-breaking solution of the major challenges. The emphasis of the scheme is to recognise and reward scientists with outstanding track record in biological sciences/ biotechnology and commitment to find innovative solutions in healthcare, agriculture, environment, conservation of natural resources, livestock production and manufacturing process etc.

Applications are invited through advertisement in leading newspapers and DBT website during September- October each year.

TWAS fellowships

Department of Biotechnology, GoI along with the Third World Academy of Sciences ( TWAS) provides 50 fellowships annually in biotechnology for doctorate and post-doctorate studies to students from developing countries. Fellowship recipients study at Indian universities and research institutes. The programme is administered in collaboration with the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). Application forms can downloaded from the DBT and TWAS websites. Last date for submission of completed Applications to the TWAS office is 31st August of each year.

Guidelines including eligibility
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TWAS Fellowship for Research & Advance Training Application form Formatarrowdown Guidelines
TWAS Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research Application form FORMAT arrowdown Guidelines
TWAS Fellowships for Postgraduate Research Application Form FORMAT arrowdown Guidelines
TWAS Fellowships for Visiting Scholars Application Form FORMAT arrowdown Guidelines
Cutting-Edge Research Enhancement and Scientific Training Award

These fellowships are granted to biotech researchers for advanced scientific training abroad. Aiming to promote capacity building in cutting edge areas of biotechnology and life sciences, the award promotes and support scientists of highest merit in their pursuit of skill enhancement in scientific research/training in overseas laboratories.

Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance

The DBT Wellcome trust alliance has a bunch of fellowships targeted to build excellence in the Indian bio-medical scientific community by supporting future leaders in the field.

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