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Expression of Interest for Scoping Report on antimicrobial resistance in India(Last date:5/06/2017)

Call status: Closed
Proposal deadline:5th June 2017 by 17.00 hrs IST

Call Outline

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a major global challenge. As part of its strategy-setting, the Department for Biotechnology (DBT), in partnership with Research Councils UK (RCUK), wishes to commission a team to undertake a mapping report on this topic. The aim will be to identify the major issues and challenges for AMR research in India. This will be an important and high profile activity, and will be used to help determine future research priorities in the area.

Outputs from the consultancy would be a report in two sections covering the following:
a) A concise overview of antimicrobial resistance in India.
b) Mapping current Indian Research on antimicrobial resistance. The precise format can be determined by the team undertaking the work but should include:

  1. Narrative summary of the Indian research landscape in AMR, including any particular strengths, and also any key evidence gaps.
  2. List of Research Projects recently completed or ongoing.
  3. Key Research Organisations / Individuals undertaking relevant research. In particular the report should categorise what type of research the capabilities of the organisation are in (for example: Public Health, Basic, drugs or diagnostic development).
  4. Commentary on AMR relevant data sources, including any issues with access and availability, as well as data gaps. In particular, the report should include an overview of available surveillance data on:
    • Antimicrobial resistance in Humans
    • Antimicrobial resistance in Livestock, poultry and aquaculture
    • Pharma Industry as source of AMR
    • Sewage as source of AMR

The mapping should reflect the breadth of potential research on AMR, including both animal and human relevant research, and also research from a range of disciplines, including the biosciences, environmental sciences, arts and humanities, physical sciences, medical sciences and social science. The primary focus should be bacterial resistance. Crop related resistance should not be included.


  • Expression of interest submissions due: Monday, 5th June 2017
  • A short written summary of progress including any key emerging themes : Friday, 14th July 2017
  • Submission of final report: No later than Friday, 1st September 2017

Note that the contractor may be required to travel to the UK to attend a meeting with the Research Councils UK and the UK’s AMR research community between 4th and 6th July 2017.

The call text can be downloaded here:

Contact information:

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Shailja V. Gupta
Room No. 811, 8th Floor
Block-2, C.G.O complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-3
Dr. Sanjay Kalia
Room No. 814, 8th Floor
Block-2, C.G.O complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-3